“Longevity of one’s life is not just merely living a life span time. It is about how a man is able to perform his duties, attain wealth and most importantly live with harmony of mind, body and soul. A person who longs for this kind of life with mental, physical and spiritual health should follow the principles of Ayurveda with utmost respect.”
What Is Ayurveda?

So, what exactly is this therapy that has become so popular? Why is Kerala Ayurveda treated with reverence throughout the world?

The science of Ayurvedic cure is at least 5000 years old, borne out of the wisdom, experience and practices of an era long gone past. This not only lays tribute to the scientific intelligence of people at a time when science was not known in the sense it is now, but also indicates an uncanny foresight of their understanding of the need for Ayurveda in a time to come, such as now. Surprising? But nevertheless, true!!

Ayurveda is a way of life, rather than just a branch of medicine as most of us think. Ayurvedic Treatment details how a normal healthy person should live, what daily and seasonal routine should he/she follow to remain healthy, what he/she should eat or not eat etc. This detailing includes probing deeply into various aspects, such as the type of food one has to consume, what to drink, what quantity, method of cooking, how and to what level one should exercise, social, moral and spiritual code of conduct for a healthy social living etc. It details in elaboration the different kind of ailments, their diagnostics and treatment. The best part, Ayurveda tells us not just how an ailment can be treated and cured but also what methods would help in prevention.

Ever felt yourself getting pulled down and unable to function due to nagging health issues that refuse to go away, whatever you do? Or, ever felt that irrespective of having it all, happiness and fulfillment still eludes you? The former being a physical condition, and the latter being in part due to a broken spirit and a confused mind, arising from various factors, but all of them pointing in just one direction- the mind’s inability to remain stable, leading to the body’s weakness. Well, you are not alone in this! Ayurveda believes and has proved beyond doubt that pathogens can’t survive in a healthy-stable body and mind, as the body’s immunity would be such that nothing can crack through it.

Ayurveda considers an individual not as a compartment but as an inevitable part of the universe, which he/she has to live in harmony by synchronizing with nature to have a healthy life- through body, mind and soul. How does that help? Ayurveda steps in to help you gain control over your mind, body and soul, making it possible to gain clarity of thought and action, take smart decisions, tap into your mental genius, attain peace, and live life on your own terms! That’s why Ayurvedic therapy is known as a holistic way of a healthy life.