Sanyasi Jod Dard Tablet (120 tab.)

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Sanyasi Jod Dard Tablet balance Vata System in our Body, Regulate the flow of Air in veins. Help to Produce the Liquid/oily Grease which required smooth functioning of joints. It also improves our immune system.


What is Joint Pain

Join pain is a Big issue of today's world, This pain makes a person live like a disabled life, Having all the organs in body one feel the inability to do their daily task. This pain normally occurs where 2 bones of your body connect with each other. At any joint there is a grease type material which helps in movement of these joints, Somehow due to some disease or some other reason if this material lose from the joint then bones start rubbing against each other which cause Swelling, Pain, Redness and Sensitive in that Joint also feel issue in movement of joint, Sometime this pain is so high that patients suffer from high fever, Sometime patients body cells start eating other body cells, And causing Jam in joints. It’s not mandatory that join pain occurs only in knees it can occur in any joints of the body that may be your back, elbow, shoulders or even it could be your fingers.


Our Solution

Sanyasi Ayurveda prepare a medicine "Sanyasi Jod Dard Tablet" by using natural herbs which improve your immune system and Help you fight Vata Roga, This medicine keep your body air flow right and helps you to regain that grease material between your joints, and improving your pain, Redness, and Sensitivity of your joints, Your joints start moving freely without any pain and your body start working as a younger.


Who can't use

This medicine is not suggested to used in some situations, like if you have diseases like T.B. Asthma , Ulcer, Dengue , Malaria, Typhoid, Cancer, Migraine, Depression, And any problem of Heart or Kidney , If you have any minor or major operation in last 1year or any major disease which required frequently doctor consultancy, Pregnant or ladies having 1.5-year-old or younger baby are not suggested to use this medicine.



Keep the medicine away from direct contact of Air and sunlight, Once the packet is opened keep it in some airtight container or use a rubber band to make packet Airtight.


How to use

2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening with Luke warm water


Do and Dont's

  • Avoid all Food which increases BADI level like URAD Dal, Cauliflower, Rice, Potato, Fried food etc.
  • Avoid all Food having cold nature like Curd, Rice, Banana etc.

Free Consultation

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