Sanyasi Pathri Tablet (120 tab.)

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Sanyasi Pathri Tablet help you to dilute extra calcium oxalate, Phosphate, Uric Acid thus removing stone creating particles threw urine, also these tablets give relief in your pain.


Why Stones occur in the body

Kidneys filter our blood and remove all impurities from our body through urine, Some time due to low water consumption or high mineral diet impurities stay in kidney, and these impurities increase the level of calcium oxalate, Phosphate, Uric Acid and other minerals in our body, and these chemical compounds collectively known as Stones. These stones stuck in kidney or bladder and give an unbearable pain, sometimes due to this pain people suffer from high fever, high pain in lower part or stomach or waist, vomiting, even some time patient suffering from the stone problem not able to pass urine, or blood comes in urine. So stones need to get out of the body as soon as one comes to know about that.


Who can't use

This medicine is not suggested to used in some situations, like if you have diseases like T.B. Asthma , Ulcer, Dengue , Malaria Typhoid, Cancer, Migraine, Depression , any problem of heart or Kidney, or if you have any minor or major surgery in last 1year or any major disease which required frequently doctor consultancy, Pregnant or ladies having 1.5-year-old or younger baby is not suggested to use this medicine


How to use

People below age of 50 are suggested to take 2 tablets before 30 min of breakfast and 2 tablets 30 minutes before dinner with milk or water


Do and Don'ts

All salted ready to eat or fast foods, Spanish, tomato, brinjal, Urad Dal, Cold Drink, Chocolate, Junk food, meat and fish, and all other acidic foods are not allowed to take in your meals.

You are suggested to drink as much as the possible liquid, minimum of 4 to 5 litter water is suggested with other liquids like coconut water, sugarcane juice, or radish juice.

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