Cervical Pain or Neck Pain: Causes, Tips & Home Remedies


Neck pain or cervical pain is one of the most prevalent diseases among people of older age. Almost every 2 older people in 3 have the problem of neck pain or cervical pain. However, since a few years, it has been seen in younger people the problem of neck pain or cervical pain increased drastically. The cervical spine is the network of nerves, muscles and joints, cervical spine helps the movement of the head. Sometimes the constant posture of the neck and wrong posture while sleeping increase the chances of neck pain, although this type of neck pain lasts within a week. Older peoples more often get chronic neck pain or cervical pain because the increasing age turns their muscles tight and bones rigid. 



What is neck pain or cervical pain?

The pain occurs in the neck due to multiple reasons including bad posture while sleeping, increasing age, neck injuries, constant in one position for hours etc. Neck pain or cervical pain mainly occurs because of the stiffness in muscles and the disk. Unused muscles get stiffy and rigid, any pressure on those muscles creates huge pain and hardens the movement of the head and neck. Regular neck and shoulder exercise can help cure cervical pain; usage of each muscle keeps muscle flexible. Massaging the neck with warm oil can also reduce the pain of the neck. 


 Types of neck pain or cervical pain

  • Acute neck pain: This category of neck pain or cervical pain occurs because of poor body posture while sleeping. Acute neck pain lasts within a week.


  • Subacute neck pain: Routine of working on something for hours in a constant posture causes subacute neck pain, this majorly affects the people who work on computers and laptops. Certain changes in the posture of the neck can end this pain within 4 weeks. 


  • Chronic neck pain: Chronic pain mostly affects people with older age, due to increasing age their muscles and bone gets rigid. This pain can be remained for long if not get cured in time.