Sanyasi Joshila Tablet

Joshila Tablet Sanyasi Ayurveda
  • Joshila Tablet Sanyasi Ayurveda
  • Joshila Tablet Sanyasi Ayurveda
  • Joshila Tablet Sanyasi Ayurveda
  • Joshila Tablet Sanyasi Ayurveda

Sanyasi Joshila Tablet

Type : Ayurvedic Medicine Pack Qty : 120 Tab.

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  • Helps to increase Health, Vigour and Vitality.
  • Helps to increase testosterone level in body.
  • 100% Ayurvedic, No side-effects.
  • General Wellness for men.

About Medicine

Sanyasi Joshila tablet is made up of natural ingredients and is free from harmful chemicals, making it safe for consumption. The primary purpose of this tablet is to improve physical strength and vitality in men.

Sanyasi Joshila tablet is a great supplement for people who suffer from low energy levels, fatigue, and weakness. It helps to boost stamina, endurance, and energy levels, making you feel more alert and active. It also helps to improve immunity.

The tablet is made from natural ingredients such as Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Kaunch Beej, Safed Musli, and many other herbs that are known for their medicinal properties. Shilajit is a natural mineral that is rich in fulvic acid and minerals. It is known to increase energy and vitality in the body. Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb that is used to reduce stress and anxiety. Kaunch Beej is used to increase testosterone levels in the body, which helps to improve health and energy. Safed Musli is a herb that is known for its numerous health benefits. It helps enhancing immunity, reducing stress and anxiety, improving digestion, and boosting energy and stamina levels.


People between the age group of 18 to 50 can consume these tablets.

Who can't use

This medicine is not suggested to use in some situations like if you have diseases like T.B., Asthma, Ulcer, Cancer, Liver cirrhosis, Hepatitis, and any problem related to Heart or Kidney, or if you had any minor or major operation in the last 1-1.5 years or any major disease which required frequently doctor consultancy, is not suggested to use this medicine.



यह दवा 100% शुद्ध जड़ी बूटियों से तैयार की जाती है, इसलिए इसका शरीर पर कोई भी साइड-इफ़ेक्ट, नुकसान या दुष-प्रभाव नही होता, पहले 15 दिन के सेवन मे ही आपको इसका फर्क नज़र आ जायेगा।

18 - 50 साल तक के व्यक्ति इसका सेवन कर सकते हैं।

कौन-कौन इस दवा का सेवन नही कर सकते :-

अगर किसी को टी.बी., ब्लड-प्रेशर, हार्ट प्रॉब्लम, गुर्दे की समस्या, कैंसर, अस्थमा, लिवर सोराइसिस, हैपेटाइटिस, अल्सर, लकवा, मिर्गी-दौरे, 1-1.5 साल में कोई ऑपरेशन हुआ हो, या कोई जटिल बीमारी हो।

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