Irregular periods: Causes, Tips and Home Remedies

Irregular periods: Causes, Tips and Home Remedies

Irregular period is one of the most common problems among women of different age groups. The problem of irregular periods is equally affecting every woman with different age groups. According to an estimate, 14% to 25% of women who are childbearing suffers from the irregular period problem. Missing more than 3 periods in a row or periods come earlier than it has to come to consider are the sign of irregular periods. Abnormal bleeding or spotting is one of the common symptoms of the irregular period problem. Substantial pain and cramping can occur due to the problem of irregular periods.


What is an irregular period or an abnormal period?

Every woman on average expects to have a period every 28 days, if a woman getting periods anywhere between every 21 to 35 days, then this will be considered as the normal period or regular periods, but when a woman menstruates earlier or later than the given time, it will be considered as the irregular periods. Irregular periods mostly occur because of the hormonal changes in the body, hormonal changes in the body occurs due to various reasons including thyroid disorder and stressful living. 


What are the symptoms of the irregular period?

Symptoms of irregular periods are stated below-

  • Spotting or bleeding during period 
  • Bleeding after doing sex
  • Abnormal menstrual bleeding
  • Missing three and more periods consecutively
  • Pain, cramping and nausea 
  • Period flow is lighter or heavier than usual


What are the reasons for irregular periods?

There are a few major reasons for the irregular period mentioned below-

  • Obesity 
  • Extreme low weight
  • Sudden loss of weight 
  • Medication of certain diseases
  • Stressful life
  • Hormonal imbalance in the body
  • Thyroid issues
  • Bad lifestyle
  • Consumption of junk food and fatty food
  • PCOD 


What to do when periods are irregular?

Follow the following tips and prevention mentioned below if your periods are irregular-

  • Reduce the abdominal fat
  • Increase physical activity
  • Hatha yoga helps to reduce irregular periods
  • Maintain the stress 
  • Take a hip bath once a day
  • Consumption of unripe papaya helps to maintain irregularity in periods
  • Manage your weight naturally and gradually 
  • Meditation for mind relax
  • Follow a fixed routine daily
  • Consume a balanced diet
  • Spice up your meal and drink with ginger
  • Consume one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar daily
  • Consume pineapple fruit 
  • Follow the home remedies for irregular periods 
  • Avoid consuming unhealthy and fat giving food


Home remedies for irregular periods

Follow the home remedies mentioned below to treat the problem of irregular periods at home-


Home remedy for irregular periods

Ingredients: Cinnamon stick, tea, jaggery, and water

Step 1: Crush a cinnamon stick and pour it into a glass of water.

Step 2: Add half a tablespoon of tea in it and boil it for 2 to 3 minutes 

Step 3: After boiling it, add a few amounts of jaggery to it for the sweet taste. 

Instructions: Consume this tea daily at least two to three times a day. Cinnamon heats the body and improves the cycle of irregular periods.


Home remedy for irregular periods

Ingredients: Raw papaya and yogurt 

Step 1: Take a raw papaya and cut it into multiple cubic pieces.

Step 2: Mix an equal amount of yogurt in it.

Instructions: Mix both the ingredients properly and consume them 2-3 days before your period has about to come. Consume this yogurt mixed with raw papaya in the breakfast and consume this in the evening as an evening snack.  


Home remedy for irregular periods

Ingredients: Turmeric powder, jaggery, honey, and warm milk 

Step 1: Take one-fourth tablespoon of turmeric powder with one tablespoon of grated jaggery and one tablespoon of honey.

Step 2: Mix all these three ingredients properly in the glass of warm milk. Stir it well using a spoon.

Instructions: Drink this milk regularly two times a day. This home remedy is one of the best effective home remedies for irregular periods.


Home remedy for irregular periods

Ingredients: Fennel seed and water

Step 1: Take a glass of water and add around 2 tablespoons of fennel seed to it.

Step 2: Leave it overnight and strain the liquid in the glass. 

Instructions: Drink this mixture regularly in the morning on an empty stomach. Fennel seed helps to maintain the balance of the body. 


Home remedy for irregular periods

Ingredients: Coriander leaves and honey

Step 1: Take a few leaves of coriander and crush them using a traditional crusher.

Step 2: Use a sieve to extract the sap of crushed coriander.

Step 3: Take one tablespoon of honey and mix it in the sap of crushed coriander.

Instructions: Consume this mixture regularly two times a day. This improves the irregularity of periods. 


Home remedy for delay periods

Ingredients: Ginger, jaggery and water

Step 1: Crush fresh ginger and pour it into a glass of water.

Step 2: Boil water for 2 to 3 minutes and then strain it in the glass, mix grated jaggery properly in it for the taste. 

Instructions: Consume this ginger water regularly immediately after taking a meal. This home remedy for an irregular period helps to reduce the problem of the period.


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