DIABETES Causes, Precautions and Remedies

What is Diabetes/Suger

Diabetes is a silent killer it come and you never know when you caught by diabetes, pancreas Gland produce insulin, and this insulin convert body glucose to energy which required for body functioning, whenever these pancreas Gland  face breakdowns, insulin qty get unbalanced, and glucose level in blood level urine get unbalanced, it either start getting increased or decreased and both cases are extremely harmful. This unbalance didn’t come up in front for a long time, and patient didn’t recognised that he or she is suffering from Diabetes.

Frequently passing of urine, sudden increase in weight , smell in Urine, pimples or ulcers, body infection, itching in body, weak eye sights are main symptoms of diabetes. Uncontrolled diabetes can infect our heart, mind eyes, kidneys and other body parts, High diabetes can kill you as well, so it must be controlled in time.


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