Home Remedies for Folliculitis

Home Remedies for Folliculitis
Folliculitis: Causes, Tips & Home Remedies

Folliculitis is usually known as “Baltod” in a common vernacular language. Folliculitis is one of the common diseases that affect almost every person in the world. Folliculitis occurs when the hair unnaturally falls down with some external force. An unnatural fall of hair inflames the hair follicles and that causes a painful bump around the follicle with the tip of white mucus. Folliculitis creates severe pain. Folliculitis mostly occurs due to bacterial infection and fungal infection. These infections infect the follicles of the hair and cause folliculitis. Rashes and slight sting pain are the common initial symptoms of folliculitis. Folliculitis mostly affects the hairy part of the body including the head, underarms, thigh, groin etc. Folliculitis sometimes goes on its own but sometimes this takes time to go. There are a few home remedies and tips that can be helpful to treat folliculitis at home. Follow the home remedies for folliculitis rigorously and cure your folliculitis at home. A slight touch of even a cloth creates unbearable pain in the folliculitis.


What is folliculitis?

The inflammation in the hair follicle due to the infections like bacterial infection and fungal infection causes folliculitis. The swollen hair follicle is known as folliculitis. The unnatural fall of hair due to infections and some external force swells and inflames the hair follicle and eventually, this inflammation gradually turns into folliculitis. Folliculitis is a very painful and irritating causing problem that mostly occurs at a younger age in life. Folliculitis is the red bumps that grow from beneath the hair follicle with a white tip over it. People who are having problems with acne have a higher chance to get folliculitis.


What are the symptoms of folliculitis?

A person affected with folliculitis may suffer the symptoms stated below-

  • Slight and sting pain
  • A deep-rooted bump centring a hair follicle with white pus
  • Itching and burning sensation over the folliculitis
  • Tender skin
  • Large bumps than normal
  • Puss filled bumps
  • Mild fever


What are the causes of folliculitis?

Folliculitis mainly occurs due to the bacteria named Staphylococcus aureus; the major causes of folliculitis are mentioned below-

  • Bacterial infection
  • Fungal infection
  • Improper and uncleaned hot tub bath
  • Poor waxing
  • Unsafe shaving
  • Plucking
  • Long usage of medicine like steroid creams
  • Uncomfortable wearing of clothes
  • Weak immune system
  • Obesity and overweight


What are the complications of folliculitis?

The complications associated with folliculitis are stated below-

  • Reoccurs if not properly cured
  • Furunculosis (Boils under the skin)
  • Skin damage
  • Scarring and dark spots for permanent
  • Hair loss issue
  • Damage to hair follicles


Dos and don’ts for folliculitis treatment

Follow the tips stated below to cure folliculitis at home-

  • Wash your infected skin with soap and warm water
  • Clean the surface of folliculitis regularly
  • Compress with a warm cloth
  • Appy aloe vera gel over the folliculitis
  • Apply antibiotic cream to the folliculitis
  • Use anti-itching lotions
  • Apply wet wraps over the infected part



Home remedies for folliculitis

Follow the home remedies stated below to treat folliculitis at home-


Home remedy for folliculitis

Ingredients: Turmeric

Step 1: Take a few raw pieces of turmeric and soak them in water overnight.

Step 2: Blend all the pieces of raw turmeric to make a fine paste.

Instructions: Apply the blended paste of turmeric over the folliculitis blister and wait for a few hours and then wash it off with normal water. Turmeric contains high medicinal properties, which makes turmeric one of the best medicines for folliculitis. The application of turmeric paste over the folliculitis reduces the pain and swelling of the blister. Follow this home remedy for folliculitis regularly twice a day. 


Home remedy for folliculitis

Ingredients: Henna (Mehendi)

Step 1: Take a few leaves of henna or take a few spoons of henna powder.

Step 2: Crush the leaves or pour some water into the henna powder and make a fine paste through it.

Instructions: Apply this henna paste over your affected part of the skin and wait for a few hours and then wash it off with normal water. Follow this home remedy for folliculitis in the morning and evening. Henna contains high properties and it’s an anti-bacterial natural component. Application of Mehendi paste over the folliculitis reduces the infection and cures it. This home remedy is one of the effective home remedies for folliculitis.


Home remedy for folliculitis

Ingredients: Neem leaves

Step 1: Take a handful of leaves of neem and crush them properly to make a fine paste.

Instructions: Apply this paste over your infected skin two times a day. Neem leaves are a well-known medicine for hair, skin, stomach, pimples, acne and folliculitis. Neem leaves are an important component of ayurvedic studies. Application of neem paste over the folliculitis kills the bacteria and stops the spread of infection over to other parts of the body, Neem paste also helps in curing the wound. Follow this home remedy for folliculitis regularly twice a day for a month.


Home remedy for folliculitis

Ingredients: Onion

Step 1: Take an onion and crush it to make a fine paste.

Step 2: Take a sieve to place the crushed onion over it and strain the sap into a bowl.

Instructions: Take a few cotton buds and dip those buds into the onion sap. Squeeze the onion sap over the folliculitis. Try this home remedy one or two times a day. Onion has strong properties to treat folliculitis. This prevents swelling and reduces the effect of infection. This home remedy for folliculitis is one of the effective and potent home remedies for folliculitis.


Home remedy for folliculitis

Ingredients: Yoghurt and cumin seed

Step 1: Take a few spoons of cumin seed and blend it to make a perfect powder.

Step 2: Take a few tablespoons of cumin seed powder and mix it properly with a few spoons of yoghurt to make a fine paste.

Instructions: Apply this paste gently to your infected part of the body and keep the paste over the folliculitis for a few hours and then wash it off with normal clean water. Yoghurt contains acidic properties that help in reducing infection and killing bacteria. Cumin is one of the best healing medicine, presence of cumin powder in this paste makes the remedy stronger and enhances the efficiency of the remedy. Follow this home remedy twice a day.

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