Home Remedies For Grey Hair

Home Remedies For Grey Hair

Home Remedies For Grey Hair

Did you know? The average growth of human hair is 0.3 mm a day and 1 cm per month. Hair tends to maintain its colour and turn grey or white, hence it is natural for hair to turn grey or white with increasing age. But what if hair turns grey at a younger age? This is a matter of great concern for a young individual, this declines the confidence and social appearance of the individual. Each hair root has special cells called Melanocytes; these cells produce the melanin pigment that gives colour to the hair for a certain period. Melanocytes stop functioning which causes greying of hair This is natural with age, but when melanocytes stop working on young people this causes premature graying of hair. 


Premature grey hair which is also known as canities has a definition in Ayurveda that if the person with the age of less than 32 has gray hair will be considered as premature hair greying.  


What are the causes of greying hair?

There are many reasons for graying hair-

  • Genetics

  • Stress, depression, anxiety 

  • Insomnia

  • Autoimmune disorder

  • Thyroid disorder

  • High blood pressure

  • Bad appetite

  • Deficiency of nutrition

  • Mineral deficiency 

  • Smoking

  • Pollution and environmental changes

  • Lacking in scalp care

  • High usage of chemical products

  • Excessive use of Dryers and straighteners


 What are the consequences of Grayish hair?

When our body faces any problems internally or externally, it gives us to sign to identify the issue and to cure it, timely grey hair treatment can cure the problem in a very less time. Ignorance of those signs can lead to severe problems. Ash colour of hair constitutes and signs many issues of the body and can result in bad consequences to us. People look older than their real age, social unacceptance, social disappearance, lack of confidence, loosening of personality, etc are the few bad consequences of the grey hair color, apart of this grey hair can be the sign of severe disorders like thyroid disorder, diabetes, pernicious anaemia etc.


Dos and Don’ts - when your scalp occurring grey hair


What do not do while grey hair-

  • Stop consuming salty and sour food

  • Stop eating acidic food

  • Don’t pluck grey strands of hair

  • Don’t dye it with chemical products

  • Regulate the exposure to sunlight

  • Don’t sleep late at night

  • Stop smoking

  • Control the mental activities like anger, grief, stress, and afraid


What to do when our scalp contains gray hair-

  • Try to live happy, stressless life

  • Limit the excessive exercise

  • Eat compatible food

  • Quit smoking

  • Consume the seasonal fruits

  • Eat vitamin-rich food


Home Remedies for grey hair-


First remedy Ingredients to cure grey hair

  1. 400ml Cold-pressed Coconut oil

  2. 200gr small dried Amla pieces 

  3. 200gr dry small pieces of Ridge Gourd 

  4. 200gr dehydrated small pieces of Ginger

  5. 1 spoon Fennel seeds


Mix them all with cold-pressed coconut oil and boil it on an iron cauldron at low flame till all the pieces turn brown, and then strain it gently on the hair oil bottle and use it at least twice a week.


Second remedy Ingredients for grey hair-

  1. Curry leaves

  2. Coconut oil


Boil the curry leaves in a low flame with the coconut oil till leaves turn brown, then strain the oil and let it cool. Store this oil and oil your scalp thrice a week at night.


Third Remedy Ingredients to remove grey hair-

  1. 2 spoon Lemon Sap

  2. 3 spoon Almond oil


Mix the lemon sap with almond oil, then massage the scalp with light fingertips and wait till half of an hour then wash.


Fourth Remedy Ingredients to stop grey hair-

  1. 6-7 small pieces of Amla

  2. 3 spoons of oil (Coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil)

  3. 1 spoon fenugreek powder 


Mix the amla pieces with oil and heat it for a while and then mix the fenugreek powder and then strain it, cool the mixture and apply it on the scalp with the fingertips before going to bed.

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