Hair Fall: Overview, Symptoms, Causes, and home remedies

Hair Fall: Overview, Symptoms, Causes, and home remedies

Hair Fall: Overview, Symptoms, Causes, and home remedies

Generally, the fall of 50-100 hair strands every day is a very normal and natural process to bring new hair strands to the scalp. When the number of new hair strands amounts the fewer strands than the hair strands lost, this condition of hair known as hair fall, in a very simple term fall of more than 100 strands in a day can be considered as hair fall. 1 out of 5 people is suffering from some kind of hair fall. Hair falls in people under the age of 30 has been increased drastically over the years. Due to the hair fall or with noticeable baldness, the person feels a lack of confidence and fears coming out with 100% potential personality. 


Before knowing How to reduce hair fall, we should understand the symptoms of hair fall. The pattern of hair fall varies and hair fall itself is a symptom, however, resulting few hair loss conditions which are mentioned below can be the common symptoms of hair fall- 

  • Gradual hairline receding

  • Patchy and circular spots on the scalp

  • Sudden loosening of hair

  • Full-body hair loss

  • Fall of more than 100 strands in one day

What causes hair fall?

There are many reasons for hair fall, most common reasons for hair fall are mentioned below-

  • Stress and depression

  • Deficiency of nutrition 

  • Lacking scalp hygiene 

  • Scalp infection or any skin disorder

  • Pollution and bad lifestyle

  • Treatment of other illness

  • Bad hair care and different Hair style

  • Hormonal

  • Usage of chemical products

  • Insomnia 

  • Dandruff

  • Hereditary 


 What are the complications of Hair fall?

The constant hair fall can be the cause of complete baldness. People with baldness faces severe laughter from others and feels side-lined from society, appears less in the society, lack of confidence and decreasing of personality are other issues of hair fall. Bald people look older than their actual age, hair fall stops people to braid different hairstyles, women fail to grow long hair. The open bald attracts dangerous rays like UV rays. The severe Hair loss diminishes the confidence and the living of the person.


Dos & Don’ts during hair fall-

What to do when hair fall is occurring-

  • Massaging of the scalp is very good for the tissues of the scalp and the circulation of blood in the scalp.

  • Comb your hair from back to ahead, backcombing helps in the circulation.

  • Application of curd or buttermilk on the scalp twice a week before washing the hair helps to remove dandruff.

  • Washing hair from the boiled water of neem leaves prevents the scalp from infections.

  • Good sleep and stressless living of life are very important to cure hair fall.

  • Change your appetite and say no to junk food.


What you should not do when hair falls-

  • Stop living stressful life and try to be happy.

  • Stop using chemical products on scalp and hair.

  • Regulate the usage of hair dryer and straightener.

  • Do not keep your hair tie all the time.

  • Women are suggested not to wash hair daily.

How to stop hair fall? Home remedies for hair fall treatment-

There are a few hair growth tips that will help you to regrow your hair and will stop the hair fall. Follow these tips for hair growth and experience the change-

  • Mix the sap of lemon with amla powder make a paste gently, and apply it on the roots of your hair for 20 minutes. Amla and lemon are very rich in vitamins, this paste strengthens follicles and prevents hair fall and premature grey hair.

  • Take a fresh leave of aloe vera to collect all the gel of aloe vera smooth it completely apply it directly on the scalp and keep it remain for a minimum of 45 minutes. Aloe vera gel works as a conditioner, it smoothens the hair and strengthens the weak hair strands.

  • Take a few curry leaves and roast them, boil them with coconut oil till the leaves become brown, and leave it till they become cold, then strain the liquid oil and use it like normal hair oil. 

  • Take the sap of onion, garlic, and ginger and apply it on the scalp with fingertips for 20 minutes. Onion and garlic contain a rich mineral that makes the root of hair very strong, and the ginger oxygenates the entire scalp.

How to make the best hair fall control shampoo?

People often ask Which shampoo is best for hair fall? And after using multiple expensive and chemical shampoos they found no results, here you can follow the steps mentioned below to make the best shampoo for hair fall – 

Take Reetha balls (Soapberry or soapnut) and dip them into the pan of water, boil the water with Reetha balls till the water becomes lukewarm, rub the ball and collect that water with foam into the bottle and wash your hair daily with it.


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