Jaundice: Causes, Tips & Home Remedies

Jaundice: Causes, Tips & Home Remedies

Jaundice is one of the medical conditions, that mostly affects newborn babies. According to an estimate, 6 babies out of 10 babies develop jaundice. Jaundice affects every age group of people, but as compared to newborn babies, jaundice rarely affects adult people. One baby out of 20 babies gets the severe form of jaundice. Jaundice occurs when the amount of bilirubin increases in the blood. Bilirubin increases in the blood due to the blockage of the bile duct. Jaundice can be treated at home with certain precautions and home remedies. 


What is jaundice?

The yellow pigment originates from the breakdown of red blood cells, known as bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin turns the skin and white part of the eye’s colour into yellow. Bilirubin gets into the blood because of the blockage of the bile duct. Bile duct obstruction occurs due to multiple reasons including hepatitis and other liver diseases. Jaundice disease can affect any person at any age; however, jaundice is prevalent in newborn babies. Jaundice occurs due to liver infection, and it badly affects the process of the liver. Jaundice occurs due to excessive production of a yellow pigment called bilirubin, and jaundice needs a few precautions and remedies to be under control. Jaundice has a few types.

Types of jaundice are:

There are commonly three types of jaundice, that are mentioned below-

  • Pre hepatic jaundice: Initial stage of jaundice is known as prehepatic jaundice.
  • Hepatic jaundice: Mid-stage of jaundice is called hepatic jaundice. This category of jaundice starts damaging the liver.
  • Post hepatic jaundice: Complete blockage of bile duct causes post hepatic jaundice. Post hepatic jaundice is severe among the types of jaundice.


What are the symptoms of jaundice?

Symptoms of jaundice include-

  • Skin, eyes and nail turns yellow
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fever
  • Urine turns darker in colour
  • Appetite loss
  • The stool colour looks yellow
  • Pain around the liver
  • Weight loss
  • Weakness and dizziness
  • Abdomen and leg swelling


What causes jaundice?

Blockage of the bile duct causes Jaundice; blockage of the bile occurs due to many reasons; main and major causes of jaundice are mentioned below-

  • Hepatitis 
  • Stone in gallbladder
  • Gallbladder related diseases
  • Genetic or hereditary 
  • Liver diseases
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Infectious liver
  • Medications of other diseases also cause jaundice


What are the complications of jaundice?

Before knowing the home remedies for jaundice, it is mandatory to know the complications of jaundice, these are the major complications of jaundice mentioned below-

  • Anaemia
  • Constipation
  • Failure of liver
  • Failure of kidney
  • Bleeding 
  • Swelling in legs
  • Bloating and flatulence
  • Diarrhoea 
  • Pain in stomach
  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dizziness  


Tips to reduce jaundice

  • Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water in a day.
  • Consume herbal tea regularly
  • Add milk thistle to your routine
  • Consume fruits like papaya, avocado and mango
  • Consume fibre rich food including cucumber and bottled gourd
  • Start consuming berries including blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry regularly
  • Consumption of legumes helps to reduce jaundice
  • Convert refined grain with whole grain
  • Regulate the consumption of fried and junk food
  • Don’t use white sugar in tea or coffees 
  • Avoid consuming turmeric 


Home Remedies for Jaundice

Follow the home remedies for jaundice mentioned below to cure jaundice at home-

First home remedy for jaundice

Ingredients: Tomatoes, water, and salt for taste

Step 1: Boil 4 to 5 tomatoes in 500 ml of water for about 15 minutes

Step 2: Grind and strain the mixture to get the tomato juice

Step 3: Add a few amounts of salt for a better taste.

Instructions: Drink this paste every morning on an empty stomach. This home remedy for jaundice is one of the best home remedies for jaundice. 


Second-home remedy for jaundice 

Ingredients: Almonds, dried dates, cardamoms, sugar, and butter

Step 1: Soak around 7 almonds, 2 dried dates, and 3 cardamoms in the water overnight.

Step 2: Grind these soaked ingredients to make a fine paste.

Step 3: Mix one spoon of butter along with 2 spoons of sugar in the paste.

Instructions: Consume this mixture daily one time a day. This home remedy is one of the effective home remedies for jaundice. 


Third home remedy for jaundice 

Ingredients: Radish leaves and water

Step 1: Take a few leaves of radish and a few amounts of water to boil the leaves.

Step 2: Boil the leaves completely and blend them to make a fine juice.

Step 3: Add salt to the juice for the taste.

Instructions: Drink this radish juice regularly three times a day. Follow this home remedy for jaundice regularly to cure jaundice at home.


Fourth home remedy for jaundice 

Ingredients: Garlic

Step 1: Take 2 garlic cloves and make a paste of it using a traditional crusher.

Step 2: Consume this paste in juices.

Instructions: Consume 2 cloves of garlic paste every day, use garlic while cooking. Try this home remedy for jaundice to reduce the effect of jaundice.


Fifth home remedy for jaundice 

Ingredients: Sugarcane

Instructions: Drink sugarcane juice regularly three times a day. This home remedy for jaundice helps to treat jaundice at home.


Sixth home remedy for jaundice 

Ingredients: Neem leaves and jaggery

Step 1: Crush the fresh neem leaves using a traditional crusher to make a good paste.

Step 2: Extract the juice of crushed neem leaves and mix the neem sap with jaggery in the water.

Instructions: Drink this mixture regularly two times a day in the morning and evening. Try this home remedy for jaundice two times a day.


Seventh home remedy for jaundice 

Ingredients: lemon

Instructions: Take half of a lemon and squeeze it into the glass of water along with some salt for the taste. Follow this home remedy for jaundice to reduce the effect of jaundice.


Eighth home remedy for jaundice 

Ingredients: Amla (Indian gooseberry), basil leaves, and ginger

Step 1: Cut amla (Indian gooseberry) into multiple pieces and deseed it.

Step 2: Take a few basil leaves and a piece of ginger crush it with deseed amla using a traditional crusher.

Instructions: Consume this mixture regularly two times a day. Try this effective home remedy for jaundice regularly and reduce the effect of jaundice at home. 


Top 6 best food for jaundice

  • Tomatoes 
  • Yogurt
  • Green grapes juice
  • Goat milk
  • Sugarcane juice 
  • Ginger tea



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