Piles: Types, Causes, Tips, and Home Remedies

Piles: Types, Causes, Tips, and Home Remedies

Piles (Haemorrhoids)

Piles or Haemorrhoids is a very common disease, India solely registers the 1 crore cases of piles every year, around 50% of the people experience or go through the piles once in a life. When inside or around the anus blood vessels expands themselves to get enlarged and becomes enlarged, then it causes Piles (Haemorrhoids).

What are Piles or Haemorrhoids?

Our anus clears the poop from the anal canal. The anal canal is lined up with a ring-shaped sphincter muscle that tightens the anal canal and helps it to open and close when needed. This is the very natural process of exiting toxins and waste from the body. A Piles grows when the lined blood vessels expand and reduce the anus canal space, which causes difficulties in stool-pass. Piles generally seems like discoloured, small, and round lumps, which covers the anal pore. A person affected by piles can feel the piles in the anus or hanging lump outside of the anus canal.

What are the types of Piles?

The types of piles are categorised as per their nature and the place where it grows, there are mainly few grades of piles mentioned below-

  • First Degree Piles- It may bleed but the lump does not come outside of the anus.
  • Second Degree Piles- This grade of piles comes outside during the time of exiting poo or waste, and goes back inside then after.
  • Third Degree Piles- These piles come outside and need a physical push to go inside.
  • Fourth Degree Piles- This category of piles always hangs outside and can’t go in, any physical push can swell it and make it more painful, and can clot the blood inside it.
  • External Piles or Outer Piles- These piles grow at the bottom of the canal, and can be painful if blood clots inside it.

This is possible that a person can be affected by multiple piles at one time.

What are the causes of Piles?

The Piles grows because of the swelling in veins, the extreme abdominal pressure swells the veins. There are various reasons for this pressure which can lead to piles (haemorrhoids) including constipation, long diarrhoea, obesity, pregnancy, sitting or standing for a long time, strain during poop, sneezing-coughing, puking, lifting of heavy things, etc.

What are the symptoms of Piles?

Piles do not pain more often, but these are the symptoms mentioned below if the person is experiencing might have facing piles disease-

  • Bleeding during the time of poop
  • A small round lump in or around the anus
  • Unwanted and gradual discharge of mucus
  • Discomfort and feeling of not emptied bowel after toilet.
  • Sore and itchy skin around the anus.
  • Sort of Pain and waste or poo takes extreme pressure to come out.

What are the Complications of Piles?

Ignorance of this disease can encourage or create other injurious diseases like anal cancer, abscesses in the anus, anal fissures, etc. Timely precaution and remedy are a must to ignore such severe diseases.

Home Remedy to Cure Piles-

  • Drink one glass of normal cold milk with the sap of half stringed lemon without bursting the milk on an empty stomach.

Lemon helps in the good digestion of food and milk makes poop and poop-pipe softer for easy exit.

  • After having a food drink, the mixture of one glass buttermilk with one-fourth spoon of Ajwain (fennel) powder and one-fourth spoon of black salt.

Ajwain powder or fennel powder increases the oxygen blood in the body and keeps the blood clean and pure in the body, and buttermilk softens the anus and poop for easy movement.

  • Consume 5 fig fruit (Anjir) daily on an empty stomach continuously for 1 month.
  • Use sap of tamarind flower on lump twice in a day to decrease the lump, pain, itching, and flammability.
  • Powder the kernel of the mango and take a half spoon of powder with water twice in a day till 3 months.

This Ayurvedic remedy will stop the bleeding from the piles.

  • Dry the peels of pomegranate and powder it, mix the half spoon of the powder with a glass of lukewarm water, and drink three time in a day.

This remedy fights with the root cause of piles which is constipation. This mixture keeps the digestive system clean and clear.

  • Ignore junk food, fried food, spicy food and food which encourages flammability in the stomach.

Junk food and spicy food drains hard and thick poop which makes pressure on the veins and swell them.

  • 3-4 litre consumption of water in a day

The abundant consumption of water keeps the intestines humid and cleans the entire digestive system.

  • Eat fibre rich food like green vegetables and seasonal fruits.

Green vegetables and seasonal fruit make soft poop, which doesn’t let a person to pressurize the bowel for poop.

  • Walking, exercise and yoga play a significant role to cure piles.


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